Posted on 2024-05-15
Ruslana Levandovska Ruslana Levandovska

Midnight Glamour

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Immerse yourself in the epitome of sophistication with this exquisite oil painting capturing the allure of a refined woman in a vibrant fuchsia dress. Seated on a luxurious blue couch in the elegant ambiance of a lounge or bar, she radiates confidence and charm. With a coy gaze and a subtle smile, she beckons viewers into her world, hinting at a captivating secret waiting to be revealed. Adorned with black sheer gloves shimmering with sparkling details akin to diamonds, her luscious hair falls gracefully around her shoulders, enhancing her enchanting presence. The harmonious interplay of colors between her dress and the lavish surroundings evokes an unparalleled sense of sophistication and luxury, inviting viewers to indulge in the beauty of this captivating moment.

One of the special paints used in this work is an ultramarine from Paris that enhances this work in its unique blue colour. One of the more expensive pigments available.

Varnished. Comes ready to hang!


  • Canvas


H 30" x W 24" x D 0.75"


  • Portraiture


  • People


Ruslana Levandovska

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