Posted on 2023-05-15
Alexander  Nefedyev Skuridin Alexander Nefedyev Skuridin

My Earth

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Do you think our planet is spherical or flat? I don’t care what shape of the planet all this crap happens on, but I will create my earth.
I became interested in creating a planet in the form of a plate.

This work clearly shows my feelings about the fate of our planet. possible climate changes, deformation of the planet, cataclysms, a scorched and dried out planet.
During this time I talked a lot about my work.
Many people saw different objects in my work. For someone it looks like a Fish, to others like a Schnitzel or some kind of ancient artifact.
But the interesting point is that the children whom I asked about this work, almost all answered that this is a map of our planet.

I built my idea in sandstone.
I worked only with a hammer and chisels, and only in those places I carved out the excess where the oceans are located.
I did not touch the surface of the continents and left them in the form in which the stone broke away from the rock naturally.

The sculpture shows the continents of Africa, Eurasia, North and South America, Madagascar, Antarctica, Australia, the Nile and Amazon Rivers, the Mariana Trench and traces of world water currents.

I burned the continents with fire at 800 degrees, which gave the stone an orange-red color.

The weight of the sculpture is 97 kg.
The sculpture is suspended with an iron chain.
Also, when the stone is tapped in a suspended state, the sculpture makes a ringing sound like a gong.
I will also add one more interesting observation.
One day my Sculpture was hanging in the park to observe people’s reactions. Sculpture was spinning because of the wind.
People with animals passed by and
I noticed that dogs are scared of my work.
They don’t understand why the object looks small on one side and large on the other.
When viewed from all sides or when rotated, the object visually narrows and enlarges.


W 38" x H 25" x D 5.1"


  • Surrealistic


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


Alexander  Nefedyev Skuridin

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