Posted on 2022-12-05
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A Postage Stamp Image
This picture is composed of approximately 3000 used postage stamps which are available in a huge range of colours and designs.. The stamp colours are not altered and post marks are still visible on close observation. Commercially produced, heavy sanded white Acrylic paint has also been used to represent the ‘speed’ of the aircrafts engine blades (the texture here symbolic also of the pain and suffering caused in warfare). This picture was created on quality deep edge canvas. It is not framed and should not be displayed in direct sunlight although all canvases are varnished twice and have a coat of U.V. protection.
‘Brat’ is the first image in a triptych created by Roy Lichtenstein which is known as ‘Bratatat’. ‘Bratatat’ is a 1963 Pop Art painting by Roy Lichtenstein in his comic book style of using Ben-Day dots and speech balloons. He intentionally mimicked comic book printing using flat areas of colour, strong contrasts, precise outlines and stylised shading for his ‘Pop Art’ paintings. Though he trained as a pilot and was a World War 11 veteran he did not see active service. None the less he was aware of and sensitive towards the loss of sons, of other pilot friends and of the futility of war. His answer came through his art making statements to his audience with titles of ‘OK, Hot Shot’, ‘Jet Pilot’, ‘Wham!’, ‘Blam’ and ‘Bratatat’. However, he was often misunderstood with one major female critic accusing him of creating, ’aggressive, hyper-masculine war paintings.’


  • Canvas


92cm x 92cm x 4cm


  • Stylised & cartoon and illustrative


  • Office Wall Art


Peter Mason

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