Posted on 2023-07-26
Natasha Girdwood Natasha Girdwood

Coo-L Fringe

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A jolly, fluffy Highland Cow, the true rockstar of Scotland and the animal kingdom strutting around with its ginger fringe like it's auditioning for a bovine boy band. This cow's fringe game is so strong that it could probably join a hair commercial without any hassle, because they're worth it. It's like the cow's fringe is on a secret mission to cover its face, playing hide-and-seek with the world. You can almost imagine it saying, "Peekaboo, I see moo!" Honestly, this cow's fringe should get its own agent—it's a natural-born star of the farmyard fashion scene! And as for the cow, well, it's just udderly fabulous!


  • Card


18cm x 24cm


  • Realistic and photographic


  • Animals and Birds


Natasha Girdwood

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