Posted on 2024-07-10
Marja Brown Marja Brown

Moonlight over Glastonbury Tor

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Experience the ethereal beauty of "Moonlight over Glastonbury Tor" a stunning square oil painting that captures the timeless essence of Glastonbury Tor under a soft yellow moon. The abstract teal and blue sky creates a mesmerizing backdrop, while the gentle moonlight bathes the ancient monument and valley below in a serene glow. This textured oil painting invites you to explore the atmospheric depths of a landscape steeped in history and mystique.

Perfect for those who appreciate the blend of modern abstraction with historical reverence, "Moonlight over Glastonbury Tor" is a captivating addition to any art collection. The rich textures and soothing colors evoke a sense of peace and timelessness, making it an ideal piece to inspire contemplation and wonder.

Bring the mystique and majesty of Glastonbury Tor into your space with "Moonlight over Glastonbury Tor". Let it serve as a daily reminder of the serene beauty and timelessness of this ancient landscape. Explore more or make this masterpiece yours today.

The dimensions the painting inside the frame are  50x250x0.7 cm
The dimensions of the framed painting are 54x54x3 cm


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  • Abstract


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky