Posted on 2023-05-28
Vitalie Nastas Vitalie Nastas


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Vitaliy Nastas has masterfully crafted a captivating installation that showcases his skillful manipulation of wire. The installation portrays the delicate yet powerful image of a dog's face. With meticulous attention to detail, Nastas has woven the wire with precision, resulting in an ethereal and minimalist aesthetic.

The dog's countenance evokes a sense of melancholy, as its eyes reflect a profound sadness and longing. Its drooping ears serve as a poignant symbol of its kind and gentle nature. This particular dog represents the resilience and strength often found in street dogs, those who have endured challenging circumstances yet remain inherently good-hearted.

Moreover, Nastas's installation serves a noble purpose. The proceeds generated from this thought-provoking artwork will be dedicated to supporting a local shelter for homeless dogs. By combining his artistic talent with a commitment to making a positive impact, Nastas aims to raise awareness and provide much-needed assistance to these vulnerable animals.


  • Metal


W58cm . H88cm. D0,5cm


  • Conceptual


  • Animals and Birds


Vitalie Nastas

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