Posted on 2023-11-23
Leezee Lee Leezee Lee

Now and Nowhere

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Oil painting depicting a group of people standing in a dimly lit room. The room appears to be made of red bricks, and there is a doorway with a bright light shining through it. The figures are obscured by shadows. The overall atmosphere of the painting is mysterious and intriguing.
The composition of the artwork is well-balanced and visually appealing. The group of people standing in the dimly lit room creates a sense of unity and harmony, while the contrast between the bright light shining through the doorway and the dark clothing worn by the figures adds depth and interest to the scene.

The use of red walls adds a sense of warmth, while the dark figures helps to create a sense of mystery and intrigue. The overall composition conveys a sense of intrigue and curiosity, drawing the viewer's attention to the scene and encouraging them to explore its details.
UV resistant varnished for added protection and longevity.
Signed and dated on the back.
Dispatched via tracked delivery.


  • Canvas


W 50 cm x H 40 cm x D 1.8 cm


  • Abstract


  • People