Posted on 2024-04-02
Corinne Hamer Corinne Hamer

Poverty is easier to bear than Luxury

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This is a painting in my new series of bringing colour to drawings produced by Flemish artist Karel van Mander.
The original drawing from circa 1592 is from a set of 6 proverbs that this artist created that were subsequently engraved. Each proverb serves as a window into human nature, offering profound insights into life’s complexities.
This proverb pictures a man with one shoe who has cast aside a richly dressed stout woman asleep on the ground preferring the lean burden of poverty who he is carrying on his back who wears her tattered gown. Buildings and a bridge set the scene in the background.
Perfect for adding a statement piece to living spaces that may create a talking point with visitors.
Executed in excellent quality acrylic paints, painted on all sides, and finished with a glaze of gloss varnish to protect against sunlight and dust. It just needs a nail or wall fitting to sit flush against the wall.
You will receive a signed certificate of authenticity.
The painting is 16 x 12 inches in size and is on stretched canvas.
All art is professionally packaged to ensure it arrives in perfect condition. My works have been shipped worldwide.
About me:
I am a painter, originally starting in oils although I now tend to predominantly paint with acrylics.
I love to paint, love colours, shapes’, and textures. I love the idea that a different story can be read into each of my paintings and each viewer may interpret a story different to another.


  • Canvas


W 12 x H 16 x D 0.7 inches


  • Expressionistic


  • People


Corinne Hamer

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