Posted on 2023-05-17
Vitalie Nastas Vitalie Nastas

Best Friend

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My wire installation not only captures the visual beauty of a dog's head with its graceful neck but also encapsulates the profound bond between dogs and humans. The artwork emanates an atmosphere of warmth, affection, and companionship, inviting viewers to reflect on the special connection shared between these two beings.

The meticulously woven thin metallic wires create a sense of intimacy, delicately capturing the essence of the dog's features. The calm and tranquil gaze of the dog's eyes seems to reflect the unwavering trust and loyalty that dogs bestow upon their human companions. It conveys a message of unwavering acceptance and a gentle reminder that, like a dog, a true friend is always there, patiently waiting for us to reach out and connect.

The installation's minimalist aesthetic and weightless appearance further contribute to the overall atmosphere it conveys. The simplicity of the wire structure evokes a sense of purity and sincerity, emphasizing the essence of the bond rather than overwhelming the viewer with intricate details. This intentional minimalism allows me to focus on the emotions and feelings that the artwork evokes, fostering a contemplative atmosphere and a deep appreciation for the beauty of friendship.

In essence, my wire installation serves as a poignant reminder of the profound connection between dogs and humans, encapsulating the spirit of companionship, trust, and love. It invites viewers to pause, reflect, and cherish the invaluable bond that exists between us and our furry friends.
Material/ metal wire
Dimensions W52cm H94cm D0,01
W20" H37" D0,01"


  • Metal


W20" H37" D0,01"


  • Conceptual


  • Animals and Birds


Vitalie Nastas

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