Posted on 2024-02-11
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Original, one-of-a-kind, hand-painted, inspired by the aerial view of The Bahamas and Turks And Caicos Islands from my last vacation there.
Dealing with depression, PTSD, and anxiety, painting is a form of therapy for me.
In this painting I create a peaceful and safe space for the child and adult in me both, a place to freely express myself and where I can just be. As always this space is a beach, with healing vibes and powdery sand, where calm lucent ocean waters splash frothy waves on my feet, where I feel free and loved just the way I am.
Due to the techniques used, this painting cannot be reproduced, repeated, or recreated. Every painting obtained through these fluid painting techniques happens only once in an infinity of attempts.
Due to its glossy finish, it's impossible to take perfect photos of the painting and be able to capture all the details that emerged between layers in one same photo or to photograph it without having objects reflecting onto its surface.
Different kinds of light and angles make looking at it a continuous process of discovery always looking slightly different and never boringly predictable to look at.
This painting does not need to be framed, the painted image extends on the sides, it is wired, signed (lower right side), and ready to hang.

All my paintings are painted in layers and that gives them a tridimensional aspect with intricate details that add richness and depth to the final image. These painting techniques make the paintings unique and impossible to recreate, and reproduce, thus even more special. Every painting obtained through painting techniques happens only once in an infinity of attempts.
• I use all professional packing materials to make sure your artwork gets to you safely wherever in the world you may live.
• I use a high-quality resin that will not crack or cloud over time.
• I cannot always guarantee a 'flawless finish' but always aim for perfection and try my best to reduce the amount of interference from environmental elements.
Care instructions:
- To clean this piece of art and keep that glossy shine use a gentle glass cleaner, spray it on, and wipe and buff it with a soft cloth that is gentle to the surface. The resin will not crack, but it can scratch, so please handle it with care.
- Direct sunlight exposure can damage and may fade artwork.
- Do not place it close to heating systems.


  • Wood


21" x 21"" x 0.5"


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


Ana Hefco

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