Posted on 2023-05-17
Vitalie Nastas Vitalie Nastas

Power and Vulnerability

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I have crafted an installation using 85 meters of delicate wire. I intricately weave a mesmerizing web that binds the entire installation together. This instalation takes the form of a male torso, adorned with sculpted muscles that breathe life into the piece.

From afar, the installation evokes the illusion of a floating pencil sketch, delicately suspended in mid-air. The fine strands of wire, though fragile in appearance, exhibit remarkable strength as they securely unite the elements, resembling an ethereal, interconnected network. The interplay of light and shadow further enhances the artwork's allure.

My creation beckons viewers to a realm where reality merges with my vision. The meticulously intertwined wires mirror the intricate complexity of human anatomy, paying homage to the harmonious relationship between resilience and vulnerability.

This installation, with its graceful form, invites us to explore the delicate balance between strength and fragility, power and vulnerability. It serenades us with the resilience that resides within every individual, showcasing the extraordinary beauty found in the human spirit.
Material /metal wire
Dimensions: W23" H27" D0,01"
W59cm H70cm D0,01cm


  • Metal


W23" H27" D0,01"


  • Surrealistic


  • Nudes and Erotic


Vitalie Nastas

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