Posted on 2023-11-16
Jean Lagadec Jean Lagadec

Magpie Joy 2

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We think you'll agree that this elegant painting is a joy, as in the rhyme many of us know from childhood, 'One for sorrow, two for joy.....' The artists fine brush strokes, have captured two Magpies in all their earthly yet ethereal charm, as one bird observes while the other one reaches for a golden berry. Glance at the work and both Magpies might appear to be 'mirror' images of each other, but look again and you will notice the subtle differences in the stances and 'tails' that add individuality and energy to the work.
The size shown is for the work framed (unmounted) and ready to hang.


  • Paper


53 x 23 x 2.5


  • Conceptual


  • Animals and Birds


Jean Lagadec

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