Posted on 2023-11-08
Leezee Lee Leezee Lee

Don't Answer when They Call

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The composition of the painting is quite striking, with bold lines and shapes creating an abstract yet cohesive scene. In the foreground, there is a row of figures wearing red robes that stand out against the darker, cooler and complementary tones behind them. They appear to be engaged in some sort of ritual or ceremony.
The overall mood conveyed by the scene is one of mystery and intrigue.
Despite its abstract nature, the painting still manages to capture realistic details such as clothing details. This level of detail adds depth and complexity to this otherwise simple composition.
The use of bold colors like red and black creates a sense of drama and mystery while the inclusion of small details adds to the overall complexity and depth of the composition.
Painted around the edges.
UV resistant varnished for extra protection.
Signed and dated on the back.
Certificate of authenticity.
Dispatched via tracked delivery.


  • Canvas


W 40 cm x H 40 cm x D 1.7 cm


  • Impressionistic


  • People