Posted on 2024-04-01
Eraclis Aristidou Eraclis Aristidou
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Portrait Punk Black Heart 607

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Portrait Punk Black Heart 607 Acrylic on Stretched 3D Gallery Canvas 40cm x 40cm x 4cm (16 inches x 16 inches x 1.5 inches)

This started out being just a portrait, then developed by combining punk rock hairstyles then Indian because of the colours, into the artwork, replacing most hair whole or in part. After experimenting further and liking the composition, it became more abstract style of hairstyles with shape and colour. Further the need to bring more colour and shape to the actual face tattoo expressionist textures were added to the portrait plain colour background allowing the portrait to pop out and give a futurist modern and avant-garde feel.
The overall look and feel is quirky but interesting. Only Acrylic paint is used, as using oils in the portrait, although it would give a more lifelike impression, I wanted a more animated A.I. look. In fact, I quite like a more abstract illustrated fantasy portrait which is more comic aspired than traditional. This reminds me to loosen up-more Goya than Rembrandt.
It's a lively and fun painting in a square format with sides painted, bright and colourful. Textured and dramatic play of form, shades, light interact and play to add life and movement, complementing the juxtapositions of shape and form.
Thick and lush paint has a unique dimensional abstract quality.
We invented an artificial world with countless jokes, rites, and expressions that were quite unintelligible to others. Picasso.


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40cm x 40cm x 4cm


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Eraclis Aristidou

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