What happens when ArtGallery.co.uk sells your artworks?

For every sale, the following procedure is to be followed:

  1. When a customer purchases one of your Artworks, you will receive an email notification.

  2. From your Dashboard, click 'View all my Sales'. The new sale will be listed with the status "Waiting for acceptance".
    Click the order number to view the order, and to see which artwork was purchased. Don't click the 'Accept' button yet!

  3. Please locate the artwork in your inventory, to ensure that it is still available and in good condition. If it is not, click the 'Decline' button, and enter your reason for declining the order into the form on screen. The customer will be notified by email, and someone from the ArtGallery team may follow up with you.

  4. If all is well, click the 'Accept' button. Once Accepted, the customer's card will be charged, and their delivery details will become available to you. 
    Important: Please be sure to edit the listing, and set the Qty Available field to zero '0' to prevent further sales.

  5. Parcel up the order securely, and remember to include your completed Certificate of Authenticity.

  6. If you have courier tracking details (see Choosing a Courier), please send them to the customer using the 'Send a message about this order' form at the bottom of the order page.

  7. When you have transferred the parcel to the courier/delivery service, return to the order page and click the 'Service has been provided' button.


How much and when will you be paid?

ArtGallery.co.uk takes a commission from the price you set for each artwork. Please see Terms and Conditions for Artists.

You will be paid approximately 28 days after the sale has been successfully made.

We welcome artists from outside the UK to sell art via ArtGallery.co.uk, though be aware that we maintain our policy that delivery prices are included in the sale price. Please take this into account when deciding upon your sale prices. See our list of eligible countries