Revenue for the sales you make through ArtGallery are transferred into the bank account of your choosing, and is not the same payment method that you used to set up your membership subscription.

From your Dashboard, first click 'Edit my store' then click the 'My Banking Information' link to supply details for the bank account you'd like to use. You will need to enter the account holder's name, and one of the following banking types and account numbers:

  • IBAN (EU) - (International Bank Account Number)
  • GB (not IBAN) - (a Sort Code and Account Number)
  • US or AUD - (Routing number, or Transition Number, ABA or BSB)
  • Singaporean - (Bank code [or SWIFT, BIC or Institution Number] and Branch Code)

When you click 'Save', ArtGallery will securely pass these details to our payments provider, Stripe, who will act as the intermediary between us and you.

If you have any problems at all, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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