Artistic background

Artem Kolesnikov, was born in 1977 in Novomoskovsk, Ukraine, From an early age he showed an interest in drawing. From a young age, he practiced drawing and strived to improve his skills. In his pursuit of professionalism, Artem graduated from professional courses of artists, specializing in academic drawing and painting. Over time he discovered a passion for depicting raging waves, rocks, and ships on canvas and began to master the theme of seascapes.In 2016 Artem Kolesnikov and his family decided to realise his long-held dream and moved to Spain where he continued to practice his art. continued to practice his artistic creativity combining it with travelling along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean inspired by its majestic views. Marine painting has become his characteristic style, which attracts the viewer's attention with its energy and drama. His life is an endeavor to create the beautiful and to give!
2016 Garden as Art Individual- (Stavgorod, Ukraine)
2015 Group exhibitions "Our fauna" (Lozovaya, Ukraine).
2013 Group exhibitions "The breath of nature", (Yampol, Ukraine).
2011 Collaboration with Forest Symphony Project, (Pavlograd, Ukraine).
05/2023 Collective Exhibition Oil Painting (Sala Óleo Galeria Yuri Lopez Kullins Madrid)
06/2023 Virtual Museum International Exhibition Mundoarti International Exhibition Spring Season 17
09/2023 XLIV GREDOS PRIZE OF PAINTING 2023 Arenas De San Pedro


Marine painter depicting the stormy behavior of the ocean and waves
Inspired by the history of sea voyages and the romance of the sea, I strive to capture the power and unpredictability of the ocean by creating emotionally charged works of art.
emotionally rich works of art.

The era of maritime romanticism, which began in the 18th-19th centuries, included famous people - sailors, writers, artists, whose life and work were associated with the sea and maritime themes. Among them:
Herman Melville is the author of the novel Moby Dick, which explores the theme of whaling and sea adventures.

My paintings convey the atmosphere of anticipation and adventure that accompanied a sea voyage.
expeditions of past times. I pay special attention to details such as the shape and movement of the waves and how they move.
Waves, as well as the authenticity of historical ships. I use classical techniques and oil paints.
I convey the depth and texture of the sea, creating visual images that immerse the viewer in a world of sea adventures.

Through my painting I aim to evoke emotions and evoke memories of times gone by.

I strive to improve and learn new techniques.
I am constantly improving my skills and experimenting with composition and color to create unique pieces of art.

I hope that my works will not only allow the viewer to enjoy the beauty of the sea, but also awaken interest in history, sea travel and the heritage of the past.


history, nature, photography ,mountain tourism, fishing ,volunteering

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