Artistic background

I have art diplomas, in drawing, painting and pet portraiture. I am a successful pet portrait artist and have done commissions for clients worldwide. I love to create paintings of animals, but also like to experiment with colourful abstracts and landscapes.


I am based in Buckinghamshire, UK. I have always been passionate about painting and my home studio is my ‘happy place’. It doesn’t really matter what is on the easel, I am most content when I’m covered in paint and listening to some good tunes. My taste in art is as eclectic as my taste in music! My art heroes include the Pre Raphaelites, John Everett Millais, Rossetti and William Holman Hunt; the Impressionists, Monet, Manet and Renoir, and a myriad of other talent including everyone from Lowry, Andy Warhol and Stanley Spencer, to the anonymous Banksy.

My work is individual and unique . I do not copy anyone else’s style and take pride in the fact my work is distinct. I do not create prints of my work, because I like art to be unique, not mass produced.

Accepts Commissions?