I am currently on holiday, will be back on 23. 05.2024.

Artistic background

"Growing up in a silent household with deaf parents, and facing my own hearing impairments, language never became my forte. Instead, I relied on keen observation to navigate the world around me. This constant observation has become an integral part of my life, shaping my perspective, and fuelling my creativity.
Today, my preferred mode of expression is through painting and drawing. These mediums allow me to communicate the depth of these observations in ways that my words cannot capture. I employ various techniques and mediums to portray my impressions, often exaggerating elements to convey the intensity of my experiences.
My art serves as a testament to the richness of my observations and the individual perspective that comes from growing up in a silent world. Through my work, I aim to evoke emotions and spark reflection, inviting others to see the world through my eyes."

I hold First class Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.) UEL, London

Completed a 2 years long Fine Art foundation course at City Lit, London

Had a year long private painting tuition at a London based professional artist studio

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