Artistic background

Since I was a child I was very interested in various forms of art such as dancing, singing, acting and drawing. I began to realize that the best way to express myself is through art. As I got older I spent more time on my desk copying pictures with pencils. Starting of with manga characters I moved on to charcoal, trying to draw faces of people where I would discover my passion for that material. A bit later I started to paint on canvas with acrylic.
Sometimes the world feels chaotic and overwhelming. Creating a piece of art is an escape from that world. The process of a piece surrounds me with good feelings and energy. This positive flow makes it hard sometimes to stop and difficult to leave my creative bubble.
I do not had any formal training yet and would consider myself an autodidact. I enjoy trying and discovering things by myself and experimenting with different materials.
I was born and raised in Germany. In my early 20s I moved to the UK to join the great art scene in England and where I finally decided to share my work with the world.


Besides painting and drawing I enjoy exercising, acting and watching films.

Accepts Commissions?