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Artistic background

Michal is a Czech born artist who embarked on his painting journey in Prague, the city with ever present bohemian lifestyle and rich architectural beauty, which attracted and inspired many artists before. Here he gained his art education in private classes, learning all the traditional techniques and approach to oil painting. Later on, after he moved to England, Hampshire, he further pursued his path and explored the use of different mediums, especially acrylics, but oil has prevailed in his work and has always been his favourite painting medium. Influenced by impressionist artists, and natural beauty of the local countryside, his subject has shifted more towards the landscape painting. In his work, he’s trying to capture places around, especially amazing New Forest national park. Michal is recently spending more time painting outdoors, fascinated by the passing moment of the shifting light and atmosphere. His work has already attracted many clients and collectors worldwide, especially overseas.


Art, sport, travelling

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