Artistic background

I was born in Rosario, Argentina and fortunate to be brought up in the countryside of Italy.
As a child I spent my summers colouring what I saw. This is where I started my life-long passion for painting which I hope to share with you.
I studied at “Tisch School of art” NY.
I am inspired by the simplicity of nature and elegance of light. I paint from my emotions and think of colours.
I only started painting again recently after dropping my brushes for a number of years due to my grieving after losing my Only Beloved sister and she is also the main and only reason made me picked up my brushes again as this was one of her last wishes to me to do and here I am Respecting her wish.


“Specific Feelings has no limitations or barriers when it comes to honesty..


Painting, cooking and having long walks on the park with my best friend ever my beautiful German Shepherd “Caesar” who is always sticking with me through Thick & Thin.
Also watching my favourite crime drama Tv series “Columbo”

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