Sam Fenner


In conversation with Humph Hack - Curator


Sam is well known for - ‘Animal Paintings That Make You Smile’.

She says, “although I paint most animals (if they’re characterful enough!) my huge Highland Cow canvases are my favourite”.





Her works are always on canvas and acrylic paints suit her style and technique best.

Her interest in art in full-time education, later led to studies in life drawing at a local college and she went on to obtain a degree in Art History. So, like many of our artists, her main qualification is not in the practice of art. This has been no barrier to her being among our best sellers over a number of years.


Sam worked in marketing at the Morgan Motor Company for a number of years but…..“My career as a full time artist began in 2010, all thanks to a huge painting of a colourful cow, commissioned by a friend”. Other people liked it enough to encourage her to do more.


She began selling at art markets and events. She says, “Hard work and a genuine love of what I do, saw me through those early art markets (often freezing), busy open studios (much warmer) and exhibitions at several UK galleries”.

She also began successfully selling her art online.

Just like that first painting, Sam is still kept busy with commissions.
She told me,“I paint lots...from cows to dogs, and horses to tortoises!”

Sam loves a challenge - the bigger the canvas the better.

February 2024

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