Adding a new artwork to the catalog is easy.

Important Tips on adding listings

  1. The 1st image you upload will be the one we show in the gallery. Make it your best image.
  2. You must add an image with context, e.g. show it in a sitting room setting.
    • Use the website which will allow you to create an image in situ.
  3. Show the side of the painting and any other key features in subsequent images.
  4. Tell a great story. People don't just buy art, they buy the story behind the art.

Details on how to add new listings properly

To begin, view your Dashboard, and then click the 'Add a new Listing' button:

Add a new Listing

The form fields are described below:


What is the Artwork's medium? Is it an acrylic painting? Watercolour? A pencil drawing? Photograph?

Add tags, or keywords, to describe features of your artwork. What would you expect someone type into a search box to find your listing? Does it have an overall thematic colour? Are there a number of identifiable subjects or other elements you could name?

Consider keywords that don't appear elsewhere in your title or description below. Examples: meadow, daylight, clouds, fence, flowers, trees, green, birds, etc.

Enter the title of your artwork. Please use formal title case (each major word should start with a capital letter).

This is your chance to tell potential buyers all about your art.

Tell a story about the art but also describe colours, subject matter, materials used. Is it framed?

What is the framed size compared to the size of the artwork? How will the artwork be sent? What’s the story and the inspiration behind the piece?

The better the description, the more informed the customer feels, and the greater the chance of a quick sale.

For pictures, is it on Canvass, Paper, Card or Board?
For sculptures, is it made of Ceramic, Bronze or Glass?
For any other art type, please leave unselected, and clearly state the materials used in the description.

Clearly indiciate physical dimensions (including any frame) width, height and depth, in inches and centimetres. eg:
W 15.94" x H 19.88" x D 2.25"
W 40.50 cm x H 50.50 cm x D 5.7 cm

Is your artwork abstract? Realistic? Surreal? Expressionistic? Select the closest style from a number of options.

Select the closest subject from our list of popular topics.

Is the artwork supplied already framed?

You can use this field to leave a note about the listing. The text is not displayed on the artwork's page.

The sale price that the customer will pay for your Artwork.
Tip: don’t forget we’ll deduct our commission from this.
Tip: remember packing and delivery charges to anywhere in the UK must also be included in this price.

Original Price
If you previously sold this artwork at a higher price, put that higher price here. It will be displayed next to the Price above, but with a strikethrough line through it, eg £100 £150

Qty Available
Generally, you should always enter the number '1' if this listing is available to be sold. When you have agreed to sell the item to a customer, return to the listing, edit it, and change this value to a zero '0'. The listing will remain visible, but the 'Buy now' button will be disabled. See 'Limited edition prints' if you are selling reproductions.

Click one of the image slots to open a file upload dialog. Navigate to an appropriate photograph for this listing and select it. Filesizes should be limited to a maximum of 15MB per image, and image dimensions should have a max width or height of 2000 pixels. See 'Photographing your artwork' for hints and tips.


Don't forget to click the 'Save' button to submit your listing. The new artwork will be reviewed by our curators as soon as they can, and you'll receive a notification when complete.

How we curate your images

Our expert curators will review your submission, and either put it live in the catalog, or work with you by email to improve the details or photographs.

Learn more about how we do this here: Artwork Review Process