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Paintings of town and country

The Grand Tour was the 17th- to early 19th-century custom of a trip through Europe, with Italy as a key destination, undertaken by upper-class young European men of sufficient means and rank (typically accompanied by a tutor or family member) when they had come of age (about 21 years old).It was intended to broaden the mind and educate the senses. Paintings of various destinations would have been bought and taken home.

Alfresco on Regents Canal, Gillian D’Ambrosio

More recently while on holiday abroad, people buy postcards to send home or to take home to remember their time away. These days almost everyone has a camera phone to do the same thing, but there is nothing like an original work of art to capture the essence of a place and bring memories flooding back.

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European artists, just like the rich and famous before them, travel far and wide gathering inspiration for their art. Venice, Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam are among the most popular destinations, but almost any corner of the continent can inspire an artist to reach for the sketchbook.

Some people buy a painting to remember a visit, others as part of planning one.