Posted on 2024-02-12
PastelArt Igor Kotnik PastelArt Igor Kotnik

Every day is a new beginning

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In this vibrant tapestry of hues, each stroke pulsates with the spirit of rebirth and dynamism. I channeled a whirlwind of emotions into the canvas, harnessing the essence of expressionism with the fluidity of acrylics. The bold colors interweave to whisper tales of resilience and fresh starts. This piece is a call to awaken each day with gusto, a visual symphony meant to animate and inspire any space it inhabits.
Inspiration comes from everything around me...The acrylic painting is entirely handmade.
It is created on a high-quality cotton canvas measuring 120x160cm.
It is protected with high-quality varnish for long-lasting color freshness.
It is signed on the front and back. It is ready to hang on the wall.The edges of the images are in black. A certificate of originality of the artwork is also attached. It will offer you beautiful moments in your home or office spaces.....


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PastelArt Igor Kotnik

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