Posted on 2022-11-13
Gitti Gitanavaicys Gitti Gitanavaicys
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When I was young, back then in Soviet times, sexuality was kind of taboo. Girls were encouraged to be pretty, 'but hey, do not go too far with your looks or behaviour, what people going to think, be modest, what people going to talk, be modest'. So it somehow made feel a bit embarrassed and not really proud of your body. But we are young once, we have this beautiful skin once, why we should be ashamed of it. I know, I was embarrassed too long with my body and there was no need for it.
I remember, so many people had this big monstera plant in their tiny homes, it felt to me, they were like taboo watchers. So here in my painting monstera is not a taboo watcher, it is the opposite, it goes along with sexuality. Body and sexuality is beautiful like shining pearls and we've got to wear it with pride and joy


  • Canvas


W76cm x H76cm x D3.8cm


  • Impressionistic


  • Nudes and Erotic


Gitti Gitanavaicys

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