Posted on 2023-03-11
Juan Sly Juan Sly
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Popiconic moment no. 1: "Die" in b/w

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Urban Pop art in your own home by cult artist Sly.

Popiconic moments No. 1: "Die".

Iconic moments from pop music. Here Roger Daltrey of the Who is stuttering My Generation in I965. The painting is a stencil from the exact moment he says “die” in the phrase “Hope I die before I get old”. He is not hoping for an early death but expressing the hope that he doesn't get “old” in attitude like the older generation he sees about him. He doesn't mind getting old but wants to retain some of the enthusiasm for life that youth naturally has. At this moment the younger generation no longer wanted to emulate the older generation as had always been the case, but create their own aspirations and heroes.

These are not prints as each is individually done and signed to order and consequently vary a little from the illustrated picture. These paintings are sprayed onto canvas. 20 mm thick and ready to hang.

It is likely that Juan Sly has become the biggest seller of original artworks in the UK. An artist exhibiting in mainly spray stencils and oils. He has exhibited at the Saatchi (a proper gallery with pillars and everything!) alongside the likes of Banksy, Terry O'Neil, Tracy Emin and Vic Reeves and now has a permanent collection in Germany, Detroit and Uk, alongside Damien Hirst and some other artists you might have heard of plus private collections around the globe. His works rock from humour to anti-war, sex to surreal. Particularly fond of the stencil medium as it allows him to quickly respond to events and ideas and gives the work that gritty illegal look. Stencils naturally allow the works to be resprayed and so become affordable and disposable. He likes the fact that people can buy art that they like and not to show off how much they can afford. You can find them in bedsits, legal offices in the Temple or stuck to a fence in Bristol.

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