Posted on 2023-06-24
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Norse Deity - Gefjun, Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility - Ceramic Sculpture

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Nordic traditions exist of supernatural women who travel about the countryside with a plough and where all who die a virgin become her attendants. The fertility goddess would bless the land in pre-Christian times, and might be accompanied by many tiny children. One tradition tells of the plough breaking down one day and the supernatural woman gaining assistance from a helper. She gives him wooden chips, later the chips turn to gold. Taking the plough round the countryside was believed to bring good fortune and prosperity, the gift of a benevolent goddess. Gefjon was the original ancestral mother of all life. She is seen to be connected to modern environmental concerns and Green Issues. All power to her!

Norse mythology is fascinating with its wonderful stories of deities, beings, and heroes. It comes from Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Germany and UK. This Nordic folklore has tales that come from many sources both before and after pagan times and through the Christian period. We know about them through archaeology, medieval manuscripts and folk traditions. The many stories and adventures explore universal themes just as relevant today.

The sculptures are made with a direct honesty to the nature of the material. Clay is a wonderful material that can be pulled, squashed, shaped and squeezed. It takes an impression like no other material and, being a basic "earth" material, it is a joy to work with. Natural and manufactured objects are used to make impressions and produce strong textures. The work shows the way as it progresses into a finished piece. The hand becomes as important as the eye and the mind.

The nature of the clay and the design means there are lumps and bumps and various marks. This rugged affect is all part of the charm of the work.

I use white stoneware clay and make using slab and coil building techniques. The work is then fired twice in an electric kiln, the second firing to over 1200c. Decorated with oxides, engobes and glazes.

Lovely to hold – they have a great “feel” about them.

Each piece is hand built and totally unique. Suitable for interior and exterior locations.

Signed underneath with my signature stamp. Certificate of Authenticity included.

Any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.


  • Ceramic


23 x 46 x 15 cm


  • Expressionistic


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