Posted on 2024-02-12
PastelArt Igor Kotnik PastelArt Igor Kotnik

Dreams come true

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In creating this vibrant tapestry of hues and textures, I poured my heart into each stroke, expressing raw emotions and the chaotic beauty of dreams unleashed. As an expressionist, I revel in the interplay of colors—imbuing acrylics with life, movement, and a whisper of untold stories. This painting is a celebration, a dance of dreams that invites onlookers to embrace their own aspirations. Imagine it radiating energy and inspiration within your home, a constant reminder of the boundless realm of possibility.Inspiration comes from everything around me...The acrylic painting is entirely handmade.The artwork is protected with a high-quality varnish for long-lasting color freshness.It is signed on the front and back. It is ready to hang on the wall. The edges of the images are in black. A certificate of originality of the artwork is also included.




  • Abstract


  • Abstract


PastelArt Igor Kotnik

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