Posted on 2024-02-09

Japanese lotus J338 - turquoise large diptych

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Japanese lotus J338 - turquoise large diptych, original acrylic painting by artist Ksavera
This painting was presented at Solo Exhibition "Japanese seasons" 2024, Germany
100x100x2cm- Set of 2 canvases each (50x100x2cm) - acrylic on stretched canvas, Glossy lack.

READY to SHIP & READY to HANG with a hook set. Accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. Painting is signed on the front and back.

Shipping with tracking number via DHL or DPD. Shipping time to Europa ~ 1-2 Weeks, DE - 2 days.

Top quality acrylic paint on stretched canvas on wooden chassis .

The sides are painted in relevant colour, so there is no need for an additional frame. Varnish. Glossy finish conserve the beauty of the transient on canvas.

The fascination of this painting lies in the detail.

An eye-catcher on large walls

Depending on different lights while taking pictures from the painting, the multileyers metallic effects may create a very interesting and changing look of the artwork.

This large diptych painting is an original acrylic masterpiece. Perfect for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to living room.
Haiku -

" Lily fragrance fills
Gate where someone waits in the
Thin moonlit night. "


Yurinoka ya / hito matsu mon no / usudzukiyo

Kafū Nagai (永井 荷風, Nagai Kafū, 3 December 1879 – 30 April 1959) was a Japanese writer, editor and translator.
Seasonal Imagery in Japanese Art
Momoyama Period (1573–1615)
The art of this period was characterized by a robust, opulent , and dynamic style, with gold and silver lavishly applied to architecture, furnishings, paintings, and garments.


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