Ksavera is a talented painter, an independent artist, and an architectural designer from Germany. She's also a mother of three children. Her artistry is characterized by large, vibrant canvases that seamlessly meld contemporary aesthetics with timeless elements, incorporating abstract textures and delicate Japanese influences. Ksavera's wellspring of inspiration flows from her unique perspective on life and her surroundings, which encompass the picturesque landscapes of rivers, forests, fields, and the charming old Fachwerk towns of Baden-Württemberg.

Since 1997, her original canvas paintings have been acquired by a diverse array of collectors, including corporate entities, museums, and private art connoisseur, establishing her as a highly sought-after artist on the global stage. Notably, her works have found a permanent home in the collection of the "Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg", with nine pieces recently added. If you're in search of art that both captivates and elicits deep emotional engagement, Ksavera's original paintings and prints stand as an exceptional choice.

Solo exhibition "Japanische Jahreszeiten" - 8-26 January 2024, Sparkasse Künzelsau, Germany - 50 artworks

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