Posted on 2024-03-30
Amanda Horvath Amanda Horvath
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Lilac and Sunbeams

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In this painting, I've captured the ethereal interplay between light and nature, sunbeams and delicate Spring colours. Painting with many different mark making techniques I hope to evoke the serene beauty of a forest bathed in the soft hues of a forest glade bathed in warm sunrays. The gentle lilacs and vibrant greens of the leaves dance across the canvas, creating a sense of tranquillity and optimism. It's an invitation to embrace the peaceful harmony of the natural world, bringing the restful tones of nature into your space.
An original artwork, one of a kind, this painting has been created with high quality acrylic paints on deep edged canvas. I begin with observation of the place making notes and taking photographs to work from in the studio. From these beginnings I work intuitively, painting some base layers with a brush and then impasto techniques layer on layer applied with a palette knife. The painting continues round the sides, a frame is not needed and it is ready to hang.


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Amanda Horvath

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