Posted on 2024-05-09
Paresh Nrshinga Paresh Nrshinga

Everlasting VI (framed)

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An original acrylic painting on stretched canvas, the sides are white and stapled on the back. Fluid composition of shimmery gold, bronze, and black on a white canvas.
The painting size is 48x48cm.
Framed painting size is 52.5x52.5cm, matt black floating frame.
An ideal piece of original art for anywhere in your house/office, - truly irresistible: to bring warmth, energy and light into your living room or above a bed, adding a personal feel to your interiors. A Certificate of Authenticity will be provided.

About my art:

The world we live in is made of colour. Colour is what creates beauty, and energy. It evokes emotion, it involves feelings. I have always been fascinated with colour and shape. Combining two, you have unlimited possibilities of creating art. But creating art, or painting in my case, goes deeper than putting two of them together. It starts with emotion or feeling and then it “spills out” on canvas. Some of my paintings are impulse paintings where inner emotion takes over and guides my paintbrush, whereas others are journeys, that surprise even myself. Through my paintings I try to express the way I see the world and connect with viewers on an emotional level, hoping to capture the moment on canvas.


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Paresh Nrshinga

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