Posted on 2022-11-11
Michael Rafferty Michael Rafferty

Cave Painting Number 3

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Prehistoric neanderthal caves, geological investigations, cave painting, colours and drips
suggest passage of time and history
Many of my paintings are carried out with pigments derived from aerosol paint canisters along with commercial gloss paints and chalk paints The consistency and fluidity of such paint render it the most suitable medium for the subject and content of many of my works. These pieces explore behaviour and consequence. Paint could be seen as a metaphor for some human traits, be they well mannered, wayward, cooperative, dysfunctional, discordant, harmonious, complementary, aggressive, biddable or demanding.
This can be perceived as the message of and within these works, or you can simply enjoy them for the visual and playful surprises and memory-jogs that the physical and subliminal content may trigger
Painted in 2014


  • Canvas


95cm by 95cm


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


Michael Rafferty

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