Posted on 2024-02-10
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Sea Waves

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Sea Waves original oil on canvas painting measuring 30 x 30 inches or 76 x 76 cm. Ready to hang. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Free U.K. Shipping.
This original oil painting is inspired by the raw, untamed beauty of the Devon and Cornish coastlines. Exploring the intricate play of light coming through cresting waves and the seafoam produced by the power of the sea.

As an artist, I have experimented with a variety of mediums, from watercolors to charcoal, but nothing quite captures my passion like oil paint. There is something endlessly alluring about that thick, buttery texture that allows me to create sweeping strokes and intricate details with equal ease. But beyond simply being aesthetically pleasing, oil paint is my chosen medium for its unparalleled versatility.

Unlike other mediums that dry quickly, oil paint has a slow-drying time, giving me the freedom to blend and mix colours for an extended period. This allows for greater control over the final outcome of my artwork, as every brushstroke can be manipulated and perfected until it reaches my desired effect. This is especially beneficial for creating my wave paintings, where subtle nuances in colour and texture can make all the difference.

But perhaps the most significant reason why oil paint is my chosen medium is its ability to adapt to any style and subject matter. Its versatility allows me to switch between techniques, from thick impasto to smooth glazing, creating endless possibilities for my artwork.

Studying film and video art at the University of Plymouth has impacted on the way I paint. Creating a sense of movement and escapism in my work is important to me. If the viewer can feel they could walk across the sand or dive into the sea that is what I want to achieve.

I graduated with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2008 at the University of Plymouth. I am a Teignmouth based artist and a member of the Devon Artist Network and a Geopark Ambassador Artist for the English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark


  • Canvas


76 x 76 cm


  • Impressionistic


  • Landscapes & Sea and Sky


Catherine Kennedy

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