Artistic background

‘The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork’ (Psalm 19:1)
This verse from the Bible was the first point of inspiration for Miriam’s artwork. As light in the sky changes, causing ever-changing colour and movement throughout the four seasons, whatever the time of day or year, there are endless ideas for new material. Beginning to devote more time to painting back in 2010, working with acrylic, her first sky paintings surfaced. As time has passed, and Miriam’s work has developed, semi abstract paintings of both landscape, seascape and sky have been produced, taking inspiration combined from both nature and various passages in the Bible.
More recently her paintings have taken a more abstract appearance, whilst there is still evidence of skies being a source of inspiration. Miriam draws on her faith in God for the work she produces. Unlike many historical paintings, which aim to depict stories from the Bible, Miriam’s work aims to depict aspects of who God is and His character.
Like the Impressionists used colour to portray light, Miriam also makes use of colour to bring the effect of light shining in a painting. Colour is also sometimes used to symbolise particular aspects or detail, for example, gold and or purple is incorporated if the majestic, regal nature of God is included in the subject of the painting. Many layers of paint are applied to gain a depth to the painting. Texture is introduced in the early layers, which not only adds detail and interest to the finished picture, but adds a form, outline and structure to the direction that the painting will take. The painting evolves as each layer is applied along with the use of translucent mediums, and as the paint is given a freedom of movement across the canvas. Whether it is vibrant or a gentleness in the light depicted, each painting has a journey and a story of its own.


"When all around are losing their heads, I can stare at Miriam's painting and it's as though I've put on noise cancelling headphones - peace!"


I love reading, sharing the joy of food with friends, listening to music (especially whilst I paint), walking and playing with our dog.

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