Stunning modern original art painted on the reverse of acrylic glass.
Collection of exotic original acrylic canvas artwork inspired by images of my glass paintings

Artistic background

Currently a finalist in Artist Of The Year 2024
Jan Peters paints unique abstracts and figurework directly on acrylic glass. These materials and Jan's own techniques give added life, perspective and reflection to the pieces which enhances your room space and engages imagination.
Jan uses images of her glass artwork to inspire her unusual range of canvas paintings.
Jan's use of shape and proportion in her work is informed by her post graduate qualification in mathematics and her love of vibrant colour is inspired by her upbringing in the Caribbean. Her style is very distinctive making her paintings truly Art You Notice.
* Over 200 pieces sold.
Artwork has been displayed in galleries including the Mall Galleries London, Art Fairs, and on the walls of some celebrities.
SAA Artist of the Year finalist 2024
*VAA & SAA working artist member
Unique, stunning work with a clearly distinctive style . The acrylic glasswork and its presentation is exceptional. Artist to watch!


King Lear Judges" Brilliant work! I love the details. The surreal abstract painting evokes a feeling of awe and mystery...the acrylics on the reverse of acrylic glass adds an extra layer of depth and texture that further enhances it's captivating beauty"


Sports, games, science, maths, medicine, art, beauty, Caribbean and loving life.

Accepts Commissions?