“Looks like something you would see in a Sothebys catalogue
Acrylic on canvas, measuring 62 cm x 47 cm , framed and ready to hang. An atmospheric painting of distant yachts, sailing on a summer’s day. Inspired by memories of wonderful times spent on the west coast of Scotland, one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Artistic background

Originally trained in Fine Art, it was not until recently I returned to my great love of painting. The threats to our environment have lead me to recognise the need for recording the beauty of the county I live in.
The glory of the sea, the ever changing sky, the lush vegetation, move me to celebrate their astonishing beauty. I hope you enjoy my work, I strive to make happy paintings.


A recent appraisal by a retired professor of painting at the Royal College of Art in London has described my work as atmospheric, reminiscent of the work of Fred Cummings. He also recommended asking prices in the region of £2,000. Wonderful to hear, I want my work to be ‘felt’ as much as screen, screw your eyes up and feel the sun on your face , the wind in your hair.


Our environment, the rubbish left by motorways makes me want to cry. We have a magnificent home, how can anyone wish to defile it.
I walk a lot, I am very interested in antiques, particularly furniture. I read a great deal, one of the greatest pleasures, and to know that I am not alone.

Accepts Commissions?