Simona Nedeva

Simona Nedeva


In conversation with Humph Hack - Curator


Simona was born in the Renaissance town of Tryanva, which lies nested in the Northern slopes of the Balkan Range in Bulgaria.

She told me, “My hometown is famous for its National Revival Architecture, featuring 140 Historic Landmarks and Museums. The mixture of stunning scenery and a love of arts and crafts led to a passion for the arts from an early age. From childhood onwards, her family spent quality time outdoors. “It developed in me an admiration for both art and nature”.

As a teenager, Simona studied Iconography at the National High School of Fine Arts in Bulgaria, achieving a National Youth Award from the National Palace of Culture in Sofia in 2010.
“In 2021, I gained an HND in Art and Design in London, receiving an Academic Excellence Award for my dedicated study”.

Much of her artwork has been inspired by the places she’s been and the experiences she’s had while travelling.
“The natural scenery of Scotland has often been a subject of my paintings. The landscape evokes a sense of nostalgia for the natural environment I was surrounded by growing up.”

China's Yellow Mountains have captivated her imagination. “The unusual rock formations there are stunningly beautiful and mysterious. I feel compelled to paint this place. It’s about the awe and wonder it sparks inside me”.

Simona’s paintings of London are also deeply meaningful and personal to her.
“I hope to convey my transformative journey, moving to London and how significant this experience has been”. She is impressed with the tremendous creative effort that went into constructing the buildings.

Her latest pieces explore concepts of divine providence and serve as a form of spiritual awakening.

I asked Simona, why the sky seems such an important part of her work.


She told me, “The sky is a portal to the unknown, connecting us to the wider universe. Its influence on humanity is profound, even if not yet fully understood”. Her paintings portray skies in vivid, lively hues that evoke feelings of romance or tranquillity - full of vitality, fascination, and optimism.
“But I also aim to capture the grandeur of turbulent skies, with clouds casting moving shadows below. Over the course of a day, I notice how light transforms the landscape. Weather and atmospheric conditions dramatically alter the scene”.

Simona’s favourite medium is oils. “I like oils because it gives me freedom and more in-depth exploration of different subject matters. It allows me to explore techniques such as impasto - using thick layers of paint - or exploring working wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry processes.
She is fascinated by the play of colours and the texture of strokes, making her paintings bright, dynamic and filled with emotion.

“And the results are always unpredictable!”

Simona has exhibited widely across the London area, in the Holy Art Gallery, The Mall Gallery, and the Drawing Rooms gallery amongst others. Further afield, her work has been shown in Milford Haven, Bridport and Cambridge.

 As regards artistic awards, as well as her award from her time in Bulgaria, she recently took part in the 2023 Cambridge Invitational Art Contest Competition 

Simona has sold to collectors across Europe and the USA.

June 2024

Selected works

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