Posted on 2024-02-09
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Infinite Horizons - abstract in oils

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"Infinite Horizons" is more than just a title; it's a gateway to the boundless interpretations and emotional landscapes that this abstract oil painting offers. This artwork, with its vibrant interplay of colours and dynamic textures, invites viewers into a world where the only limit is their imagination. Measuring 60 x 25.5 x 2 cm and meticulously painted on all four side edges, the canvas presents a seamless aesthetic experience from every angle, eliminating the need for framing. Whether displayed in a portrait or landscape orientation, "Infinite Horizons" adapts to its environment, offering new perspectives and insights with each viewing.

This piece is a celebration of the abstract, where bright, bold oils converge and diverge in a dance of chromatic harmony. The artist has signed the work, ensuring its authenticity and connection to their creative journey. Accompanied by a signed and dated certificate of authenticity, the painting is not just a visual artifact but a piece of the artist's soul, ready to enrich your space.

Designed to be versatile and engaging, "Infinite Horizons" can be hung to complement any room, acting as a focal point that sparks conversation and admiration. Its ability to be hung in various orientations allows for a dynamic interaction with the viewer's space, reflecting the changing moods and lights of its surroundings.

This artwork is exclusive to the UK-Mainland, ensuring a smooth and dedicated shipping process. "Infinite Horizons" is more than just an abstract oil painting; it's a piece of art that invites you to lose yourself in the depth and beauty of its colours, to find your own meaning and connection within its layers. It's a testament to the power of abstract art to evoke emotion, spark imagination, and offer endless interpretations to those who encounter it.


  • Canvas


60 x 25.5 x 2 cm


  • Abstract


  • Abstract


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