Posted on 2023-02-08
Jeanette Faulknerclarke Jeanette Faulknerclarke
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Virtuous (A star pupil)

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An oil painting of a well schooled white horse, showcasing the strength, beauty and poise. The shadow in the background a reminder of although horses by nature are flight animals, and notoriously afraid of their own shadow, they serve us so well. They have been instrumental in the progress of humanity. They deserve our love and respect. I wanted to paint in a representational classical style, also using a variety of whites and greys to depict the purity of a disciplined trained horse


  • Canvas


W40” x L29.05” D 2”W102cm x L75cm D 5cm


  • Classical and traditional


  • Horses


Jeanette Faulknerclarke

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