Posted on 2024-07-10
Sally Maltby Sally Maltby
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Weeds!- Dark

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I have always noticed and painted Plants and Flowers from my garden but have started to pay attention to those of the wayside, the symbiotic plants that flourish in a particular space. These are not the same as the contrived wildflower meadows which reflect human choice as much as anything else, but essential natural form.
I want to show the wonder of real plants and using photography as a medium here seems the best idea. I search the waysides for my chosen subjects and carefully edit my own photography then combine and collage material for finished pieces.
I hope that you will be as intrigued with the detail here as well as the design and color.


  • Paper


40 x 40 cms


  • Realistic and photographic


  • Flowers and Plants


Sally Maltby

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