Posted on 2024-03-23
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David Bowie: "Look Up Here I'm in Heaven"

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Postage Stamp Collage
This picture is composed of approximately 3000 used postage stamps which are available in a huge range of colours and designs. Acrylic paint was also used in this design. The picture was created on quality deep edge canvas and is varnished twice and has a coat of U.V. protection. The stamp colours are not altered and post marks are still visible on close observation. It is not framed and should not be displayed in direct sunlight.
The portrait represents the more surreal side of the singer David Bowie where words have been taken from his 'Dark Star' album as a title, "Look up here I'm in Heaven" surrounded by angels, mist and rainbow infused clouds where a 'Dark Star' is looming on the right. A white star on the left represents his many opposite views. Other stars appear in the background.
Quoting one of his lifelong fans, “He came as a Starman waiting in the sky and left as a Blackstar”. Bowie trained at Art College and never lost contact with those roots. His music and videos are the basics of Fine Art. In this portrait I have used many of his symbolic elements to synthesise into one visual tribute to a masterful musical artist.


  • Canvas


92cm x 92cm x 4cm


  • Portraiture


  • People


Peter Mason

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