Artistic background

Art has been my life from school days through to studying Fine Art at College to an MA in Art and a continuing passion for all aspects of the subject . Over thirty years ago I began creating pictures using recycled postage stamps and am known as the ‘original’ ‘Post Pop Art Man’ as I am inspired by the Pop Art movement, particularly the works of Lichtenstein and Warhol. I create portraits, abstract images and stylised pictures using recycled postage stamps and am happy to undertake commissions based on a client’s photo’s or suggestions. Pictures can be of any size but 70cm x 70cm is the smallest I can create due to the size of a postage stamp.


Quotes from a recent exhibition
“I never knew postage stamps were produced in such a huge range of colours”.
“Did you know there were more than 14 shades, designs and tones of for example of blue, 18 reds and 16 greens in postage stamps”?
“You really need to see this work in person to appreciate the design”.
“A photograph can never do this work justice”.
“Even postmarks can be part of the design”.


Above all I enjoy creating pictures and sharing my work with others. I enjoy giving talks to various groups and I have been fortunate to have exhibited widely in the West Midlands, Birmingham, Manchester and London. I have clients in America, Australia, the Netherlands and several other countries in Europe.

Accepts Commissions?