Posted on 2022-12-05
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Postage Stamp Collage
This picture is composed of approximately 2500 used postage stamps which are available in a huge range of colours and designs.. The stamp colours are not altered and post marks are still visible on close observation. This picture was created on quality deep edge canvas. It is not framed and should not be displayed in direct sunlight although all canvases are varnished twice and have a coat of U.V. protection.
I have always had an interest in the American comic book for its vivid colours and dynamic subject matter. More recently I have developed my style of graphic art to create postage stamp images of a variety of iconic heroes. This used postage stamp image depicts Spiderman who was created when Peter Parker contracted a massive bite from an irradiated spider which gave him his super powers. Using his powers initially to become a T.V. star he realised that great power entails great responsibility. He has super reflexes and speed combined with super human strength and an inbuilt ‘spider sense’ which warns him of personal danger. Here, he is seen above the City extending his web towards you, his audience inviting you into the picture to share his adventures.


  • Canvas


92cm x 92cm x 4cm


  • Stylised & cartoon and illustrative


  • People


Peter Mason

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