Posted on 2024-03-26
Peter Mason Peter Mason
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Alpha Romeo

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Postage Stamp Collage
I created this design composed of approximately 2500 used postage stamps. The badge originated in 1910 having a vertical split design of two halves. Each half represents a traditional symbol of Milan; on the left the cross of the municipality with the Visconti Serpent on the right. The snake eating a man symbol is known as the ‘Biscione’, associated with the Visconti family of the 11th Century Milan. A badge was needed for the radiator of the newly developed car. It was round in shape and originally made of brass. In 1915 the company was purchased by Nicola Romeo who converted the factory for military hardware and aircraft engines and in 1920 the company name changed to Alfa Romeo. For those of you who appreciate the design and history of the Alpha Romeo brand – “Enjoy”.


  • Canvas


92cm x 92cm x 4cm


  • Stylised & cartoon and illustrative


  • Abstract