Posted on 2024-03-19
Peter Mason Peter Mason
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A Tribute to Salvador Dali -"Keeping an eye on the time"

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Postage Stamp Collage
This picture is created from approximately 2400 used postage stamps. It is varnished plus UV protection but must not be hung in direct sunlight. “Keep an Eye on the Time” makes reference to Dali’s 1938 painting “The Dream of Venus” where soft watches and melting clocks hang from branches of trees and are picked up again in 1952 in his painting “ The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory” – again melting time pieces. A cameo from 1949 shows a painting of an eye ball in a frame which when all is taken together, with his fear of not having enough time in his life to produce all the work and ideas he had lends itself to the idea “ Keeping an eye on the time”. I created this tribute to Dali as I too feel I do not have enough time to create all the work and ideas I still wish to produce.


  • Canvas


92cm x 92cm x 4cm


  • Surrealistic


  • People