Posted on 2024-03-23
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Abbey Road – ‘There and Back Again’

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Postage Stamp Collage
I created this artwork inspired by the Beatles’ album – Abbey Road. It is composed of approximately 3500 used postage stamps. The title of the work, ‘There and Back Again’ refers to JRR Tolkien’s book, ‘The Hobbit’ and the journey taken by Bilbo Baggins. In this case, the whole journey for the Beatles from the Cavern into posterity is symbolised by their journey to the Abbey Road Studios - going to make their epic LP, (and in this case) returning (with Ringo carrying a copy of the LP they had just recorded!) to face their unknown futures. Look carefully for the camouflaged message in the background of the picture. It stirs memories and imaginations and will breathe a dynamic essence into any space, instilling it with contemplative warmth and spirited conversation.


  • Canvas


122cm x 92cm x 4cm


  • Stylised & cartoon and illustrative


  • People


Peter Mason

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