Posted on 2024-02-08
samantha biddle samantha biddle

Magenta Meadows: A Hare's Hideaway - original oil

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In the heart of spring, where the veil between the ordinary and the magical thins, "Magenta Meadows: A Hare's Hideaway" emerges as a transcendent ode to nature's serene beauty and its mystical inhabitants. Inspired by the elusive hares observed in the lush fields surrounding the ancient and mystical Stonehenge, this abstract realism artwork invites viewers into a realm where every brush stroke tells a story of rebirth, enchantment, and the unspoken connection between all living beings.

With a palette dominated by vibrant shades of pink and magenta, the painting captures the ephemeral bloom of spring flowers, a canvas where reality intertwines with the abstract, creating a mesmerising dance of colours that beckons the soul. Amidst this floral tapestry, a hare finds solace, its presence a gentle reminder of nature's fleeting moments and the sacred cycles that guide the earth's heartbeat.

"Magenta Meadows: A Hare's Hideaway" is not just a piece of art; it is a portal to a world where the ancient stones of Stonehenge whisper secrets of old, and the hare, in its silent grace, embodies the spirit of the land. It's an invitation to pause, reflect, and feel the pulse of the earth beneath our feet, connecting us to the intricate web of life that surrounds us.

This artwork is a celebration of the mystical dance of life, a visual poem that captures the essence of spring's rebirth and the timeless wisdom of the natural world. Let it be a window to the soul, a mirror reflecting the beauty of the unseen, and a constant reminder of the magic that flourishes in the quiet corners of our world.


  • Canvas


40 x 50 cm


  • Abstract


  • Animals and Birds